Top 10 Thrash Metal Albums Of The 1980s: #5 Through #2

The New Order

Let the thrash continue! Last week I started a countdown of the top 10 thrash metal albums of the 1980′s and we got through numbers 10 throughs 6. Kreator, Sodom, Overkill, Anthrax and Megadeth managed to grab those spots and the next 4 are filled by some of the most legendary bands to ever hit the face of the earth.

Enjoy and voice your opinion if you think I’m fucked up on drugs!

5. Exodus’ Bonded By Blood

Now Exodus is just about the most influential thrash metal band to hit the scene in the 80′s. They formed before basically any other band could even comprehend what they were doing, let alone execute it. Ruthie’s Inn was a hot spot for local shows in California and Exodus was a mainstay at that establishment. If it wasn’t for some issues with their record label, this particular cut would’ve been released much earlier and would have most likely gone head to head with the likes of Kill ‘Em All.

Although the sound quality is pretty brutal, it features some of Exodus’ most powerful and popular epics from their over 30 year career. The title track, “A Lesson In Violence,” “Piranha” and “Strike Of The Beast” are still sung by all their fans at live shows to this day. No wonder everyone of my metal buddies lose their shit when I wear my Bonded hoodie to shows. They recognize!

4. Testament’s The New Order

I had to fight every little organism in my being to not put this album on the top of my list. I understand this isn’t the best metal album of the 80′s but I’m such a whore for this band that this particular showing changed the way I viewed guitar playing. Alex Skolnick is a virtuoso of the highest degree. He made me like jazz and getting me to listen to stuff outside my comfort zone is a difficult task.

Johnny Zazula knew exactly what he had when he signed this band and songs like “Trial By Fire,” “Into The Pit” and “The Preacher” have been set list staples for decades. It’s definitely the ideal choice if you want to get your Testament fix. These boys are one of the only bands on this list that are still churning out amazing records. 2012′s Dark Roots Of Earth channeled everything great about them and I can’t wait to hear any new material they release. Testament — the way metal should be.

3. Sepultura’s Beneath The Remains

Max Cavalera brokered a deal with Roadrunner Records in the late 80′s after he realized that they finally found their style. Eventually Beneath The Remains would be released in 1989 and it would change the game once again. Things kept going uphill following the success of this album as Sepultura would slowly but surely make everyone know they were one of the kings of the genre.

I was happier than a pig in shit when I finally taught myself the song “Inner Self” on guitar. It’s a great day when you learn a Sepultura song on any instrument. Unfortunately the “Maxpultura” era of this band would only last so long as many tensions arose, especially around Max’s wife Gloria. Either way, these tracks will go down in history as some of metals best.

2. Metallica’s Master Of Puppets

Leave it up to Cliff Burton’s last full release of his short career to be one of the most epic albums ever written, regardless of genre. Master of Puppets was a recording of a band who hit their absolute peak. Metallica has never written anything since that matches the pure ferocity and intensity of this 1986 classic.

Every track is a beast and the title track is a must listen for any fan of the heavy stuff. “Orion” hits the sickest bass lines I’ve ever heard and “Disposable Heroes” made me bang my head harder than I ever have. What the Bay Area Bangers accomplished with this record was legendary. Very few releases have an effect like this and we’re all better metal heads for having this apart of our lives.

In the truest sense of the metal world, there is only one album that tops this list. You probably already guessed what it is but you’ll have to wait. I’ll add some honorable mentions as well.


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