Top 4 Reasons to Choose Samsung Galaxy S6 over Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

In the past years, Samsung has always released one Galaxy S phone per year.

This year, Samsung has chosen a different path, releasing a standard Galaxy S6 phone and an Edge version of the S6. The difference in cost between the two phones is $100, but there are many reasons why the standard Samsung Galaxy S6 is the better option. There will be many who will opt for the Galaxy S6 Edge, but let’s look at why the standard is better than the edge version.

Not Much of a Difference

When Samsung announced there will be an edge version of the S6, many expected that the Edge will be close to the Note Edge. However, the sloped display of the Galaxy S6 Edge is nowhere close to the one of the Note Edge. In reality, the S6 Edge doesn’t give much more of an added display. The Note Edge had a separate screen on the side, while the Galaxy S6 Edge has more of a sloped screen that is actually just curved glass with little to no screen on it.

The S6 Can Have the Same Features

Many of the features on the Galaxy S6 Edge can also be used on the standard Samsung Galaxy S6. For example, you can assign colored bars using People Edge on the Galaxy S6 by downloading the app from the XDA developers’ forum. Edge Lighting can be achieved with an LED blinker app and information stream doesn’t offer much more than the standard lock screen notifications and information.


When we talk about security of the S6 Edge, we actually talk about how safe the phone is. Let’s be real, you are bound to drop your phone once in a year no matter what. And with that glass on the sides, the S6 Edge is more prone to cracks. The non curved display of the standard S6 version is simply more resilient to cracks and is not as much exposed as the glass of the S6 Edge is.

It Feels Better

This is a subjective opinion, but holding the standard Galaxy S6 feels more natural than holding the Galaxy S6 Edge. The standard version is more comfortable and the button placement is natural. With the S6 Edge, you cannot get a good grip due to the curved screens and the buttons are misplaced.

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