Top 4 Skype Features to Improve your Chat Experience

Most PC owners are aware of Skype and in fact, they own a Skype account.

This is true because this VoIP messenger has been around for over a decade and counting now, offering the users with free instant messaging and voice calling services.

Skype is not just popular for its instant messaging and voice calling services. Honestly, what has made Skype what it is now is the services it offers with respect to live video chats. The users of this Microsoft-owned messenger can make free video calls to any person using the app as long as the internet connection is good. In its natural sense, Skype has grown in leaps and bounds thanks to the fact that it was the first app to offer such form of communication.

Even though millions of people have installed Skype on their PCs for communication purposes, mainly messaging and calling, very few of them make use of the many features that this application has to offer. To some, these features might seem insignificant; however, once you start using them you’ll not imagine how you have been surviving in the past without them. Here’re the best Skype features that you need to master, in order to enhance your overall user experience when chatting with Skype.

Receiving special notifications

Notifications are very important for many of us as they alert us of any incoming message or call. However, not all notifications can be important to you and in such cases; Skype allows the users to choose to receive notifications associated with certain special phrases only. This means that you get to choose the keywords that will trigger notifications on your Skype account. Simply click on Conversation and Notification settings when in the chat window and you’ll see the option “Notify me only if these words are mentioned”. You must provide the phrases or keywords to associate the notifications with. However, remember that activating this feature will mean that all other notifications without the specified keywords are disabled.

Hiding the moving pencil

Skype is an instant messenger. What these messengers do is to provide a platform over which users can exchange messages instantly. In this case, it is possible to see when someone on the other end is drafting an instant reply to a message you just sent. This is seen via the moving pencil, which indicates that the text area of your chat mate is active, either drafting a response or editing something.

While this feature might be okay with some Skype users, others hate it as it sells them out. If you are in the latter group, disabling the moving pencil is the only solution you got. Go to Tools>Options>IMS & SMS and while here, check for the IMS settings for Show Advanced Options and disable the moving pencil.

Importing Skype contacts

Skype, unlike other instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Viber, allows the users to own more than one account. In such cases, you may want to have the same contacts on both accounts. While you have the option of manually adding the contacts from one account to another, one by one, you can still use a better and much more advanced option to import Skype contacts from one account to another.

First of all create a backup of the contacts by heading to “Contacts>Advanced>Backup contacts to file”. Move this file to the other Skype account by logging into the account and heading to Contacts>Advanced>Restore contacts from file” and that’s it. You will have all your Skype contacts on both accounts.

Auto-deleting chat history

Skype allows users to save their memory storage space by providing means of managing the messages stored on the app. This is in the form of chat history, which you can either decide to keep or remove from your PC. While you can opt for manual cleaning of your PC, there is a better option that is automated.

Simply go to “Tools>Show Advanced Options>Chat History storage time frame” and set the time you want the messages to last on your device. Once this time expires, all the messages will be deleted and in turn save you space and time you’d have used to manually identify and delete Skype messages.

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