Top 5 Candy Crush Saga Cheats You Must Know to Reach Higher Levels

Despite other poplar mobile games today, Candy Crush Saga is still among the top favourites, even though Candy Crush Soda Saga, its new version, is also making a name for itself.

If, like many others, you still can’t get enough of this sweet game and want to crush every level, you need to read the following top 5 Candy Crush Saga cheats. These are the only tricks you need to play and score better in this very addicting game.

Look for Patterns

Candy Crush Saga is not all about matching candies to achieve your goal. You will need the help of special candies most of the time and in order to get one, you need to look for patterns that will create the special candies. Memorize the patterns you need for special candies such as striped candies, wrapped candies and color bombs since they can make bigger damage on the board than just matching up candies.

Know Which Special Candy to Use

Each special candy has its own properties and characteristics and most often than not, you will need a certain type of special candy in some levels. Know which type of special candy is the most useful for the different levels and make sure that that’s what you try to create. As an example, in Ingredients Level, you most need a vertically-striped special candy to make the ingredients go down the board faster.

Keep an Eye Out for Combos

Once you’ve memorized the different patterns to create the special candies, you also need to know the kind of combinations to make to get the best out of the special candies. Some of the best combinations you will make include a wrapped candy and a striped candy, as well as a color bomb and a striped candy. Two wrapped candies also make for a great destruction in the board. If you have the chance to create combos, always make it count.

Destroy a Chocolate Each Move

Chocolate is the most hated obstacle in Candy Crush Saga and it is best to understand how they work. If you destroy a chocolate in one move, it won’t regenerate the following move. However, if you didn’t manage to destroy at least one piece of chocolate in one move, it will continue to regenerate until you’ve cleared another piece. Try to destroy chocolate in each move so that it won’t regenerate the next round. This cheat can get rid of all chocolates on board but some levels have a chocolate maker so they come back and you can’t avoid them.

Get Extra Lives

There are several cheats that will allow you to get more lives in Candy Crush Saga. One is by playing on a computer using your Facebook account. Just open the game in multiple tabs so you won’t run out of lives when you’re playing difficult levels and you keep on failing. Another popular and handy trick is to cheat the time on your device to get the new lives. Adjust your device’s time ahead of two and a half hours to fill the lives completely – 25 minutes is equivalent to 1 life.

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