Top 7 Strategy Games Every iPhone User Should Try

Strategy games play a vital role in developing a person’s decision making ability at critical hours. Studies have proved that people who have spent time playing games (like strategic ones) have a better tendency towards making a decision where a normal person fades to find out next step. Strategy games will bring the most out of your brain to plan and execute your actions to achieve your utmost goals and objectives. We have outlined several games from strategy genre that could interest you both with fun and as a brain teaser.

Clash of Clans

No strategy gaming genre list is completed without Clash of Clans: A game that has bought mobile strategy gaming to a very next level. Clash of Clans is a great production and a masterpiece of development from Supercell that has taken world by a swing. It provides its players a chance to develop their village by constructing defensive structures to avoid attacks for enemy clans and villages. Players have to invest in developing an unbeatable army to pursue their enemies’ kingdoms by training soldiers and researching new technologies to make them stronger. By the passage of time you need to make sure that your structures are strong and well-guarded and your army is well trained and well equipped. Select from a range of soldiers from furious barbarians to majestic Wizards. You need to fight for resources: gold coins, elixir, dark elixir and trophies but beware, as the enemy might try to snatch your resource from you as well.

Modern War

Modern War is a game made for those who would love to conquer world to their name. In Modern World you need to join a faction and fight in the modern ways to take out your enemies one by one and capturing their deceased countries. Keep on conquering countries until you conquer them all. Taking over the world is not that easy as it seems, but you need to build strengths in numbers by teaming up with other players and pooling in for rewards from individual missions. Once you are ready, declare war upon a mutual enemy that would last for three days resulting in a chance to put you map on the country on literal basis. The game has various amazing features like you can form faction with your friends or other players online, fight in monthly LIVE world domination events, attack rival countries for takeover and you can also get elected as a faction “Defense Leader”

Boom Beach

In this epic strategy game, you need to fight the evil and cunning Blackguard. You got to free enslaved islanders by attacking the enemy and unlock the secrets of this tropical paradise. Recruit people to join your team by selecting different users from entire world and fight the enemy. Scout the area, plan the attack, and BOOM the BEACH. Its online forum provides you a chance to connect with millions of users with likeminded interest. Battle for resources; defend your beaches by upgrading your base against enemy attacks. Fight the fearsome Blackguard bosses and spoil their attack plans. You got to explore this deep and secret tropical archipelago to find hidden resources and discover the mysterious powers of the Life Crystals.

Chess Free

Chess Free is designed especially for those who need better graphics and sleek design to play chess instead of same old layout and graphics like that of older phones. Chess Free is the best option to play chess on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, plus it is absolutely free! Chess Free is a two player game as well, play against your friends or master your skills by playing with computer. Its features makes this a must try app if you are into chess like its great graphics and sound effects, configurable user names and score tracking, two player option, different difficulty levels, plus it will auto save your game if you get a call meanwhile or exit the app.

Tekken Card Tournament

Everyone knows Tekken; this is a brutal and tactical world of Tekken like never before. With over 8 million players around the world in first ever free Tekken beatemup CCG to enjoy real time fighting duels and tactical, strategic, combo battles with its stunning 3D visuals, electrifying turn-based card battles loaded with in depth and comprehensive characters. Collect over 190 physical Tekken Card Tournament Game Cards and bring them to real world crossover to the gameplay, with unique QR codes by letting you add your cards instantly to your digital deck in-game. Tekken Card Tournament features strategy and tactics to take decision within 10 seconds and predict what your opponent is planning with their deck. Use combos in duels to destroy your enemies and win worldwide tournaments and competitions.

Wild City

It’s all about making your destiny and choosing your lifestyle by taking different decisions in this wild city. Cope up with mafia, or be a world tycoon, or the godfather, or just be a ‘nobody’. It is all up to you, whatever and whoever you want to be. You need to be stronger by uniting and growing your family into a world class and fearsome criminal empire. Be buff by joining the gym, wander around in the downtown, and fight the urban underground thugs. You need to manage your finances as well, make properties, buy them, sell them, get latest weapons and stronger armor, complete the jobs assigned to you and make your way to the top. It’s a sandbox game with thousands of users online. Fight, rob and cripple the people online. Want to make extra money? Invest in a casino, gamble and be rich or vice versa.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

With the excessive acceptance of Plants vs. Zombies, here is the sequel of the greatest action-strategy, adventure game with over 30 Game of the Year awards. You need to protect your brain from attacking zombies by strengthening your defense with plant power. Supercharge with plant food so they become mighty and hard to defeat. Plants vs. Zombies have some in-app purchases to speed up the processes but it is totally up to you. The second part has introduced many upgrades and changes including new plants and new zombies to spice up things for you, amazing ways to protect your brain, zen garden that you have to unlock, and whole new levels to harden the challenge.

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