Top iOS Apps and Games for iPhone 6

The improved size of the iPhone 6’s screen and the A8 processor may be the reasons for the sudden upsurge in apps labeled ‘optimized for iPhone 5, 6, and iPhone 6 plus’. What are the top iOS apps for iPhone 6?

Sky Guide

You can stargaze using your iPhone 6. The app has a lot of information, which helps you get the facts. The Notifications Center widget provides rise and set times for the sun, planets and moon.


The app has a great design, beautiful typography and themes, as well as a lightness of touch which works well with the iPhone 6. It provides live streaming, gestural controls, timeline sync, list management, filtering and muting among other impressive features. It is available for free.


Mr.Crab is almost a must-have game for the iPhone 6. Since it utilizes metal in iOS 8, the visual appearance is simply beautiful.

Day One

Day One is a journaling app with a sleek and beautiful design. It ensures your content shines through. There is integration with share sheets, a today view widget and Touch ID.


This app flourishes since the iPhone 6 provides a large screen for reading and annotating. It supports Handoff, where you send what you are reading to another device. You can import to and from iCloud Drive.


The iPhone 6 not only has a better video camera, but there is more space to edit and preview your content. This makes using apps like Imovie great by many standards. The app allows you to shoot, edit, and share entire movies. It is usually pre-installed on iPhone 6 devices with a 64 or 128 GB RAM.


The PCalc is a calculator which was first seen in the first Mac version in 1992. It is the best traditional calculator in the iPhone 6. It also rolls in a notification center widget, where you can edit the button layout and the means to use in creating dedicated buttons which perform conversions and run other functions.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

The app ranks among the best arcade racers on iPhone 6. It is fast and furious and you zoom through real-world cities. The iOS 8 metal allows you to access some over-the-top visual effects like air-drag and flames. There is also an exclusive season which pits against you thrice as many opposing cars.


This app aids in managing your calendar and reminder apps. Fantastical has a straightforward list view for all your appointments. It also has excellent natural language input for events, and a week view.


This is helpful for people who order a lot of things online. It helps one keep track of ordered items as they are being delivered to you. You get a list of the items on the way, expected delivery times and even location if maps are available. There is a Today view widget.

All in All

The above top apps for the iPhone 6 cut across the board. They range from management apps, apps to help in online shopping, entertainment, journaling, to apps that can be used to fan one’s interests and hobbies like stargazing and photography.

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