Trapped Under Ice Singer Accused Of Attacking Fan

Justice Tripp

The lead singer of Trapped Under Ice — Justice Tripp (what kind of a fucking lame-ass name is Justice, anyways?) — is an insignificant fucking douche nozzle. Need proof? Check out the video after the jump of him throwing a bitch fit during a show in Germany Saturday night, because a fan of his band got overexcited and “jumped” on him. I’m not sure how someone can “jump” on another person, but whatever the fan did, it obviously pushed Tripp over the edge.

According to an email sent to, a fan “was stagediving and accidentally jumped on Trapped Under Ice’s singer.” The band are currently on tour in Europe with Madball.

“The singer and one more member of the band started to beat up the kid, which resulted in a broken jaw which had to be fixed by an operation and two screws in the kid’s jaw. His motivation was stated: ‘I’m not a super hero, don’t jump on me! Don’t you fucking hit me!’”

The video at the end of this post alleges to have caught the entire attack, but you can’t really make out shit. If it is true that the kid’s jaw was broken, Justice is a fucking asshole, especially seeing as he starts asking “Where’s the kid at?” in the video, trying to be all intimidating, and tells security to “Let the kid stay and enjoy himself. You don’t got to go nowhere.” Who talks like that? An uneducated penis wrinkle, that’s who.

Well, I don’t know man. I’m sure no one would stay at a concert after having their fucking jaw broken.

I understand that bands often have to deal with fans who may get a little overzealous and may get too physical with them, but there’s no need to act like a little fucking bitch and go all apeshit on a fan just because they got carried away.

If you think I’m being too harsh, just watch this video, and try to tell me Justice isn’t acting like a shit-talking little cunt. You’re in a fucking hardcore band, asshole — shit happens, especially at hardcore shows, where people are encouraged to be idiots. There’s no need to bust someone’s jaw open just because someone accidentally “jumped” on you. What the hell does that even mean?

Something tells me Justice was the kind of kid who was bullied a lot as a kid. It’s been my experience that dude’s who were picked on when they were little grow up to be super-aggressive adults who snap if you look at them the wrong way. We’ve all dealt with bitches like Justice, who — if that email is accurate — didn’t even take the kid on himself. He needed another dude from his band to help him. Fuck these assholes. If you support Trapped Under Ice, the cro-magnons win.

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