Trivium’s Matt Heafy Explains American Electoral Process To Germany

Matt Heafy

Trivium frontman Matt Heafy is a chatty Kathy.

He’s always doing interviews and providing us with his unimportant opinion. He recently spoke with magazine.

For some reason, the site asked Matt about the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

“The trick with America is that it’s completely divided,” says Matt.

“It’s so right and so left and there’s nothing in the middle ground. So never before has the country been this divided,” he says. “And it’s really upsetting, the fact that people don’t really look into either side.

“People don’t really look into what a president truly is 100 percent about; they just look at what the [party affiliation] is. They’re like, ‘Oh, I’m a Republican, so I’m only gonna vote Republican.’ Or, ‘I’m a Democrat, so I’m only gonna vote Democrat.’ Sometimes the person you’re voting for is the person maybe that won’t represent you as well or that goes against your belief just out of some kind of underlying need to call yourself something.”

Look everyone — Matt Heafy figured out American politics. He’s a keen observer of the obvious.

“America is just so obsessed with that. We’ve got… Look at the airline [industry]. We’ve got First Class, Premier Business, Business this, Economy Plus, Economy… all these different subsections of class systems that we have, and I feel like it’s the same thing with politics.”

Deep dude.

“A lot of people in the States rip on Obama for ‘You haven’t done enough,’ but how do you clean up eight years of what just happened in half the amount of time?,” asks Matt.

“So it’s a really difficult thing for the country. And our fans are divided; it’s amazing that they are. I sent in my absentee ballot vote, and I just always hope for the better. It just sucks how divided the U.S. is right now. If we didn’t have the Democrat and Republican system and people can just say, ‘This is what I’m gonna do for the country. These are my beliefs. Vote for me or not,’ I think it would work out a lot better versus people having to cling to the ‘Well, I only vote in my party, regardless of what the person says.’ I think the country would be in a much better place.”

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