Two More Acts Hop On The Indiegogo Bandwagon

Oh, Sleeper

This is getting to be re-Goddamn-diculous, people. Is this the future of the music industry — bands all self-releasing music through annoying fucking crowd-funding efforts?

Maybe it’s the skeptic in me, but something’s downright shady about these campaigns. Sadly, if I weren’t so against it, I’d probably establish a similar type campaign to pay for my web hosting and cloud service.

But I won’t. Not today, not ever. I’d sooner let the thing fall to shit and give it all up. Seriously.

“After three successful full-length albums,” reads a press release from Oh, Sleeper’s publicists, the band “are asserting their independence and taking their career directly into the hands of their most dedicated fans.”

The campaign seeks $30,000 to fund an EP to be produced by Andreas Magnusson.
“The Indiegogo campaign will also help them purchase a new trailer and some much needed van repairs to enable them to stay out on the road playing shows. If the campaign goes well enough, they will carve out funds to record a second EP, resulting in a full-length’s worth of music!”

Weak. Sauce.

These guys release three self-proclaimed “successful” albums, and now they’re resorting to this. Man. It comes across as so pathetic, but is a direct response to how shitty the economy is. Blame the economy for pushing people to do shit they otherwise maybe wouldn’t.

Like porn.

Also running an Indiegogo campaign is Architects, who are no longer on Century Media.

The band need help funding the release of their touring documentary, “One Hundred Days: The Story Of Architects Almost World Tour.”

They’re asking for £30,000, which is probably less in U.S. dollars. I just have no idea how much.

“We wanted to use this time as an unsigned band to release this DVD.”

Why not just wait until you’re signed by a new label, and put it out then?

I hate crowd-funding. Down with it, I say.

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