UC Browser 10.5.0 Free APK – Download With Top Features For iOS, Android, Windows Phone

If you own an Android smartphone or tablet and want to try a new web-browser, then we recommend you UC Browser, an alternative with a simple interface, which is pretty fast and has a lot of features such as gesture controls to perform all kinds of actions, plus it supports voice commands to search for information over the internet etc. The latest version, which was launched on May 29, is 10.5.0 and you can download it from the Google Play Store.

This browser has been around for 11 years and it’s a solid alternative to other browsers such as Firefox, Chrome or Dolphin, because it offers more features that will surely draw your attention. Besides Android, it supports other platforms such as iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, BlackBerry and Java ME and since June 2014, it’s owned by the Alibaba, the largest e-commerce company in China. The browser became quite popular in China and India, and it’s spreading worldwide, as now there are 100 million people who download the Android version from the Google Play store.

UC Browser is free to download and its main features include incognito browsing, so that you won’t leave any trail while browsing the internet; night mode – to read pages easily in darkness, without straining your eyes and avoiding headaches; it has an intuitive tab management, being able to manage tabs based on dynamic gestures; you can change the themes by downloading themes from the UC Theme Center or using your own pictures; you can control videos with gestures (brightness, volume etc.); you can save bandwidth charges and time with optimized downloads; enjoy a secure shopping experience; there’s a powerful inbuilt file download manager and the interface is very easy, for quick operations, but the list of features doesn’t stop here. Try the UC Browser and you won’t want to install another browser, again.

To install the UC Browser on your Android device, you must run at least version 2.2. The file has a size of 16.21MB and in case you’re downloading it from third party websites, you will need to enable the Unknown Source option, from the device’s Settings.

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