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Finding new bands is a lot like job hunting. You’re pretty sure you’re ready for something new, but looking around for something fresh and rewarding and challenging is a big ole hassle. That’s why we at Gunshy Assassin write this here Under the Radar column, so you folks can just click on whatever links we we give you and bask in the glory of new tunes with minimal effort.

Well, you can try to bask, but you’ll want to headbang when you hear Cätärro. These dudes are a grind outfit from Brazil and their anger is only matched by the curliness of their hair and the thickness of their bold South American accents. They should look into becoming the next spokesguys for Dos Equis.

They have five releases under their belt. It’s difficult to tell with grindcore, since most albums are so short that you would think they would be an EP or something else…but then you find out it’s an LP or a 6 minute long double LP or something crazy.



Regardless, my favorite of Cätärro’s is Isônia. Most of the songs don’t reach the one minute mark, so you know it’s true to grindcore and punk rock form. They work noise elements into some of the songs, with weaving feedback, samples, background noise, and an extra helping of that charismatic Brazilian spark that Sepultura lost when the Cavaleras split.

A really cool aspect of Isônia is that when they switch from the grind gear to the punk gear, it’s actual punk. Like, a lot of grind bands will adopt aspects of punk, such as song structure, tone, or drumming technique, but the notes that are played remain heavily influenced by death or thrash metal. When you hear Cätärro chugging a righteous grind section then upright switch to a set of riffs you’d expect on a Fear or Circle Jerks album, it just makes you grin.  

Don’t miss out on this band, dudes and dudettes.

Click on the links and bask. Why put in any effort when someone else has done all your work?

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