Under The Radar — Corpus Mortale And Iron Reagan


In this week’s Under the Radar we’re going to take a peek at Denmark’s Corpus Mortale and the U.S.A.’s Iron Reagan. Corpus Mortale features two former member of Iniquity and play a more simplified death metal brand than the out of control Iniquity. Iron Reagan is a band boasting Tony Foresta and Land Phil of Municipal Waste fame.

Corpus Mortale, Fleshcraft

These Danes know how to play meat and potatoes death metal very well. With Suffocation as the leading influence here, the band have crafted 10 new songs for their first album since 2007.

The Suffocation worship in the death metal scene has been old for over a decade, but Corpus Mortale find a way to make it fresh. Rather than using the Suffocation formula of demented song structures and dozens of riffs per song, the band takes on the riffing style of Suffocation and keep the songs relatively simple.

“Scorn of the Earth” is better than anything off of the new Suffocation album, so it isn’t so much as idol worship, but healthy competition.

The chug heavy bruiser “Loves Lies Bleeding” is quite the song to stomp around your room to and is another reason why this album is so much fun. Corpus Mortale are all about meat and potatoes, so eat up.

Iron Reagan, Worse Than Dead

Worse than Dead

Apparently Municipal Waste just isn’t enough to satisfy the crossover thrash bug that bit Tony Foresta and Land Phil 12 years ago. Iron Reagan most resembles Waste ‘Em All. The 19 tracks here occupy a 25 minute run time, giving you just enough to be satisfied, but still wanting more.

Land Phil plays guitar here to help distinguish this project from Waste a bit. Songs like “Eyes Piss Tears,” “Paycheck,” “Debt Collector,” “Eat shit and Live,” “Snakechopper,” and “Walk Out” are among the highlights of Worse Than Dead.

The songs are quick and effective, energetic, and sounds more alive than Municipal Waste have in years. Everything here is pretty memorable and the runtime is great for repeat listens.

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