Under The Radar — Guttural Secrete and Extinction Protocol

Nourishing The Spoil

In this week’s Under The Radar we’re going to analyze a couple of slam/brutal death metal bands. Guttural Secrete split up June 2 after releasing their second full length, Nourishing The Spoil while Extinction Protocol are newcomers and have recently unleashed their debut Aeonic Obliteration. Everybody get up, it’s time to slam now…

Guttural Secrete, Nourishing The Spoil

The Nevadians (insert Anchor Man pun here) took their time before cooking up 36 minutes of mind-numbing brutality. It’s been seven long years since Reek Of Pubescent Despoilment was released and many were wondering if there would ever be a followup. The now defunct band did not disappoint.

First off, the vocals are of the inhale brand like the famed Matti Way and Jeremiah Blue Jensen does a fantastic job adding more to the music than taking away from it like so many brutal death metal vocalists do. One part that jumps is the stuttered vocals at 1:40 into the title track. Yeah, it sounds a bit funny, but entertaining and impressive for sure.

What we have here are nine tracks of technicality a la Malignancy with the famed west coast groove and breakdowns thrown into the mix for good measure. If you’re familiar with Disgorge, Deeds of Flesh, and Devourment then you’ll love this album. Each song is a whirlwind as riffs come and go before you even have time to sink into what this quartet are playing.

Extinction Protocol, Aeonic Obliteration

Aeonic Obliteration

Wow, a name for a brutal death metal band that isn’t stupid! Bravo, gents. Extinction Protocol hail from Pennsylvania and are jumping on the sci-fi bandwagon that seems to be quite the rage in death metal these days. Luckily, that theme is awesome every time because space and science-fiction are fucking sweet, dude.

Aeonic Obliteration is a fine debut for a band in a genre that’s been bludgeoned to death for the last ten years. Utilizing only one guitar, the group crafts some atmosphere in the playing similar to Ulcerate with bits of early Hate Eternal tossed into the death metal blender.

“Engineering The Nemesis,” “Malignant Existence,” and the closer “Unraveling The Human Aether” are absolute beatdowns that play well off the more technical aspects of the other songs that make up this 32-minute album. It’s refreshing to hear a band take the brutal/slam formula and shake it up with other bits and pieces of the death metal spectrum.

Extinction Protocol are a band to keep your eye one over the next couple of years.

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