Under The Radar — Lizzard Wizzard

Australian band makes music to get high to

Most phatMost phat

Most phat

I know there’s at least two people out there that will enjoy this band because the last contest we hosted shipped off two vaporizers.

This band Lizzard Wizzard is going to make those two folks happy because it’s stoner doom of the grooviest order. I mean, you can enjoy it and not be a stoner, there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, I fall into that category. Gotta keep my wee wee pristine pristine, see see?

That was very childish, but who cares, we’re supposed to be talking about a band that misspelled both words in its name and seems like they are either way into reptoid conspiracy theory or Dungeons & Dragons. Either make for good lyrical and art content, as long as it doesn’t get too cheesy.

These guys are from Brisbane, Australia, so catch ‘em live if you can all you homies in the Antipodes. I bet being from Australia directed their musical direction somehow. It’s super hot down there, so playing slow is probably encouraged because you don’t want to have to headbang too fast and then get dehydrated after two minutes. Or maybe these dudes just like Sleep and Eyehategod a lot.

Their self titled debut is seven songs long. The songs aren’t terribly long, most averaging around the five minute mark, but they are well developed songs. Don’t you hate it when a doom song is too short, and the dudes in the band didn’t focus on riding out a riff for as long as they needed to? That’s something stoner and doom and stoner doom and doom stoner bands need to recognize: don’t cheat your listener out of jam time, allow those riffs and beats and grooves grow.

I have a feeling that the bassist rights a lot of the tunes for this band because they are very steadily paced and meander around the deepest, fuzziest notes they can get out. I bet they make your chest rattle a lot whenever they are on huge speakers. It’s Friday, throw a doom party or something, rattle some ribcages, walls, and introduce your neighbors to this band while you’re at it.

Lizzard Wizzard by Lizzard Wizzard

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