Under The Radar: Ovid’s Withering

Florida band does deathcore right

Ovid's WitheringOvid's Withering

Ovid’s Withering

Everyone has guilty pleasures. As you get older, hopefully you stop giving too much of a crap about what other people say about the bands you like. Unless it’s power metal, then you should probably keep that under wraps.

Believe it or not, there are a few good deathcore bands out there. I admit, the subgenre is replete with repetitive and uninspired donkey vomit, but there are a few bands that manage to rise above the swill and are assumed into my guilty pleasure zone.

And by a few, I mean two: Within the Ruins and Veil of Maya. Those bands can play. Sure you might be annoyed by them, but I think they are pretty talented musicians that come up with fairly original takes on the what they do (rip off Messhuggah).

If you dig these bands, chances are your wiener might wiggle when you check out Ovid’s Withering.

Ovid’s Withering is a blackened deathcore group from Tampa, Florida, that also have elements of symphonic death metal a la Fleshgod Apocalypse and Septicflesh. They whipped these influences together into a furious torrent that grooves without apology on their inaugural LP Scryers of the Ibis.

Most bands that depend on grooves and breakdowns too much are boring or come off as inane. With Ovid’s Withering, though, these elements are showcased in a way that does not lead one to believe that they were composed by your typical tattooed, be-gauged, sweepy-haired mallcore degenerate.

Sure, Ovid’s recreates the polyrhythmic CHUG CHUG CHUGGAH CHUG sounds signature of Messhuggah-worshiping bands, but it is seeped with infernal black metal grimness that really drives home a feeling that some kind of eldritch abomination is slowly stalking its way to defile everything you care about and then drag you back to Hades to subject you to unspeakable torments.

I specify Hades because one of the great hooks this band uses is that the lyrical content revolves around ancient Greek mythology updated and retold by the band. They’ve even put together a website that they update with every development of the story. https://www.facebook.com/ovidswithering/app_128953167177144

After metal and rock, I geek out hardest about mythology and Tolkien, so a band that itches both of these skeeter bites is something I’m gonna at least try.

Besides having a unique lyrical and musical combo, Ovid’s is worth taking for a spin because they work really hard on what they do. Although they are signed to Subliminal Grooves in Canada, Ovid’s Withering records and paints all their music and art themselves.

They tour hard and will probably end up being known as “road dogs” in a few years. Also, from what I have seen on the net, their performances seem legit–like something you’d want to just stand and watch and not move around too much during. The musicianship is fantastic and the gutteral bellows of the vocalist are just gritty and fear-inspiring. They’ve got a pretty cool thing going, I must say.

So check Ovid’s Withering out and snap your neck headbanging.

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