Under The Radar — Quest Of Aidance And Tribulation

Misanthropic Propaganda

Last week, we took a break from Under the Radar, but we’re back! I had to replenish my stock of new underground releases. Most of my time has been consumed by the new Gorguts album. Anyway, this week we’re going to take a look at former Scar Symmetry frontman Christian Alevstam’s new sonic weapon and the dark and dirty death metal from Tribulation.

Quest of Aidance, Misanthropic Propaganda

This album will make your head spin. Alvestam plays guitar, bass, and handles backing vocals on these 14 tracks that span 44 minutes. This isn’t your typical death metal album with songs ranging from under a minute like “Anyx” that really keep the pace to this album erratic. Nothing here is over five minutes, so you’ll be sure to get your fill of meat and potatoes with this bombastic death metal release.

Melody bobs in and out of the music as it fights against the grindier elements that are present. “Section 34” is a highlight here as well as “Red Dust” with its keyboard runs that make their way through the chorus. Misanthropic Propaganda is an album that can simply be defined as an extreme metal album. Fans looking for something new and fresh should look no further than this highly entertaining album.

The Formulas of Death

Tribulation, The Formulas of Death

Sweden’s Tribulation have been busy over the last four years, redefining their sound and crafting a death metal album that is a whopping 76 minutes long. They’ve added a much more blackened flavor to their death metal, but more so in the sense of really liking Venom opposed to a blackened death metal sound like Belphegor. The vocals are scratchier rather than deep growls, which also helps to define the blackened bit.

The band works hard at creating a dusty atmosphere with the lengthier songs “Suspiria” and “Apparitions.” There’s three instrumental tunes here that take a more relaxed approach to fuel a 76-minute death metal album being bearable. Fans of Watain, Nifelheim, and Necrovore will really eat this album up.

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