Under The Radar: Wolves Carry My Name

Wolves Carry My NameWolves Carry My Name

Wolves Carry My Name

Let’s paint a summertime picture: you have the day off, grab a book you’ve been looking forward to reading, go to your apartment’s pool, camp your ass right down in a massive lounge chair, remain there all day, probably fall asleep halfway through the second chapter as the motherly embrace of the sunbeams sink into your mostly exposed, perspiring skin.

That’s great, right?

Okay, now it starts profusely raining in a most uncalled for turn of events.

That dampens the mood quite a bit. Stuck inside, you leave the blinds up so you can see the spattering of the water as it careens into the pavement, weeds poking through the cracks of the blacktop, slaking their thirst on what might as well be gallons of your own disappointment. Soon the rain picks up enough speed, gravel, and mud it turns into a miniscule landslide of sludge.

“Sludge,” you think, “sludge is all I need.”

You race to your computer, make sure your good speakers are plugged in because your standard laptop speakers have no low end, crank the volume, and hit play. The album that starts is Amongst Ruins and Ashes by Wolves Carry My Name.

This quintet is from Siegen, Germany, and are the perfect soundtrack to dismal stormy days where you can almost see the Sun peek through the smokey clouds, only to hide itself away again out of spite.

Besides having some egregiously crusty guitar and bass tones and a beastial vocalist, the steady drum beats serve as a timekeeper for a march to the deepest pits of regret. Playing double duty is the vocalist, Konstantin, who both screams and adds ambient noise and a series of truly depressing samples that instill in the listener the exact opposite of hope.

Along with doom, Wolves Carry My Name injects itself with doom and stoner metal influences. For fans of Eyehategod, Neurosis, Sleep, Navajo Witch, Electric Wizard, Primitive Man, or anything else raucously misanthropic, Amongst Ruins and Ashes and the single “Bone Carver” are dusky, evil gems of a listen.

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