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Year of the GoatYear of the Goat

Year of the Goat

Do you have a special place in your shriveled, bitter heart for the New Wave of British Heavy Metal? Bands like Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, Angel Witch, Budgie, and Diamond Head? Well prepare to listen to the band that forgot to release an album in that era. Seriously, these dudes might be that old judging from the pictures of them. Maybe they’re just really unfortunate looking, or maybe it’s because they’re Swedish? All the good looks seem to go to the babes in Sweden.

Regardless, Year of the Goat is a band that encapsulates the wicked nuances and misleading ominous melody about psychedelic rock and early heavy metal. Although you could fit them into the doom category, do not think Dopesmoker-esque sludge or fat and raucous Electric Wizard riffage. Year of the Goat’s album, Angels’ Necropolis, is sort of a deconstruction of metal and truly finds its roots in blues and flamenco guitar licks written on acid trips while watching occult horror movies.

Eerily melodic voices relate subversive lyrics, contemplating a story in the epic tradition of Paradise Lost. And it’s got that groovy, dancey beat that acid rock had in the ’60s so your mom or that hippie chick you’re into will most likely dig it if you don’t tell them the songs are about Satanic rituals.

Angels’ Necropolis was released in 2011, but it hasn’t blown up and become super popular. Oh wait, that’s good. True metalheads out-hipster even the scruffy suspender wearing, Starbucks drinking, movie-script writing, capri-donning, button up shirt having, PBR-swilling, faux pot head rich kid hipsters. Why? Because metal isn’t about being cool, the point of metal is to stay underground and be unpopular and not give a dropping about what people think about your musical and subsequent lifestyle (read: t-shirt selection and hair length).

Angels’ Necropolis. It’s sweet as hell, dude. I don’t know if Year of the Goat have done any extensive touring, but I wouldn’t expect it. It would be pretty sick if they could paddle on over the pond to the U.S. to spread the word of the Prince of Lies.

This is from their Facebook page: “In these times of global upheaval Year of the Goat will add fire to the chaos and ignite the branches spread out for Christ by his flock to further the triumphal return of a Lord that never left… So rejoice in sin, every hour and every second is yours and yours only, just like every year is, and always has been, the Year of the Goat!”

That just makes you want to slap a nu-metal kid, doesn’t it? If that doesn’t here’s a music video from the band that will. It’s about a sacrificial ceremony to Satan, so it’s NSFW without saying. Sorry, fellow wage-slaves, you gotta wait ‘til you get home to see the blood and nudity.

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