Upcoming Lumia 940XL to Ship with an Eye Scanner Instead of Fingerprint Scanner

Microsoft will soon be launching their new series of Lumia smartphones, with top tech experts citing the Lumia 940XL to be the most standout in these series of smartphones.

One thing that Microsoft is for sure going to surprise many of its enthusiastic fans and users of other devices likewise is the new addition the phone is expected to come with. Lumia 940XL is expected to ditch the highly favored fingerprint scanner in favor of an iris scanner as the major authentication tool. What this means is that rather than using your fingers to unlock your device and perform other security related tasks, the next Lumia series of smartphones is set to make use of your eye as an identifier.

Today, many manufacturers are inclined towards using fingerprint scanners as the best and most secure way of authentication. However, the new Lumia 940XL might just have an edge over most of the devices already enjoying the fingerprint ID with this new iris scanner. While the technology is not new to the mobile industry, it is the first time a renowned manufacturer like Microsoft will be using it on its handsets.

Other Lumia 940XL specs and features

While the iris scanner of the Lumia 940XL remains to the standout feature of this smartphone, there are other specs of the phone that will make you want to have it. If you thought the iPhone 6 Plus is still the king of the phablet world, wait until the 940XL comes in with its 5.7-inch QHD display. Furthermore, this phone will continue Microsoft’s trend of rolling the Lumia devices with some of the best cameras by including a 20MP on the rear and a 5MP on the front, which brings in a new era of high quality photos from a Lumia device.

The upcoming Lumia 940XL will also ship with the latest Qualcomm chipset, which is the Snapdragon 810. The phone will be powered by a decent battery unit of 3300mAh. To add zest to everything, the new Lumia 940XL will come with the latest Windows 10 out of the box, something that is also expected to give this smartphone an edge over its competitors thanks to the new and advanced features this OS comes with.

Lumia 940XL, which has been codenamed Cityman, will come along with another variant which will simply be known as Lumia 940 and is codenamed Talkman. Even though the two share names in a way, the latter device will not come with any form of user identification hardware preinstalled on it.

Release date and price

There is no definite news about when the Lumia 940XL will be out. But since the stable version of Windows 10 will be out towards the end of July, it is expected that this device will come in at such a time or immediately after this official launch of the OS. At the same time, nothing can be said much about the pricing of this 940XL smartphone, but it is expected to be on the high-end spectrum.No wonder there is a low-featured variant in the shape of Lumia 940.

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