Upgrade From Adobe Flash Player 17 To 18

Updating to a newer version of Adobe Flash Player is not a difficult task. If you know a little bit about updating and downloading, then you can very simply get hold of the Flash Player without any hassles. So without further adieu, let’s get started.

Why Should You Use An Updated Version Of The Adobe Flash Player?

Vulnerabilities and malware are quite common in this player, which is why it has become very important for users to stay updated in order to keep viruses at bay. So it is best to keep your Flash Player updated so that you can easily watch different video formats online, while protecting your computer from malware.

Updating The Flash Plug-In

Adobe has an online page, which will tell you about the version of the app is being used by you. In this case, when you open that page, you will see, it as version 17 after clicking on the “check now” button of the page. In the event of using a much older version which is out-of-date the page, will inform you about it and ask you to download the latest version. In case you are using Google Chrome, Flash Player will auto-update itself if you are using the latest Chrome version.

Enabling Notifications And Auto Updates Of Adobe Flash Player

This process is very simple, and will allow you to know every time Adobe releases a new version of the app. All you have to do is

  • Go to Control Panel on your computer.
  • After which you will have to move to Flash Player in the list of software installed by you.
  • Next, click on the advanced tab and on change update settings.
  • Now with your discretion all you have been, either select “notify when updates are available” or “automatically install updates.
  • Now, whenever a new version available, you will be able to download it as per your convenience.
  • By downloading the latest updates you can very well get hold of Adobe Flash player 18.

In case you are using Adobe Flash player 17, you will be able to download version 18 without any glitches if you have a proper internet connection. It is best to stay updated with the latest Flash Player to keep any kind of malware away from your computer and keep it secured.


To improve the security of your computer while shifting from Flash Payer 17 to 18, there are a few steps which you can take. It is possible to configure browsers, to ask the user before automatically updating the Flash Player. For limiting the risk of infection in your computer, while updating to the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player, here is what you can do.


  • Go to the add on menu.
  • Click on the Plug-ins pane and select “ask to activate” in the Flash Player icon.
  • Now you will be able to download the updates from trusted domains.

Google Chrome:

  • Go to the menu on the settings bar of your Chrome browser. 
  • Next, go to the search bar and type “click to play” after which the content setting button will be highlighted by Chrome. 
  • Open the menu by clicking on it and continue scrolling till you find the “click to play” item and select it. Click on the manage exceptions tab, and you will be able to add domains from which updates can be downloaded. 
  • With that completed, click on the “Done” tab to complete and save the settings. 
  • Like Firefox, a grey tab will appear on your screen whenever a new update is available and you can select where to download it from.
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