Veil of Maya: The Gun Shy Interview

Veil of Maya

When I went to see Faith No More both nights in Brooklyn, I spotted a whole bunch of hotties. Unfortunately, they were all there with bigger, more stout dudes than I, and so my hopes of meeting my future wife at a Faith No More show (how awesome a story would that be?) were dashed. Even for bands, it can be hard to score at metal shows. Take Chicago’s Veil of Maya, for instance. Singer Brandon Butler, who’s been known to chomp on the occasional turkey leg, says that there’s no tang crushing going on when they hit the road, because usually, they have to drive themselves, so there’s not enough time to mack on broads.

On the 2010 Summer Slaughter tour, which kicked off last weekend, Veil of Maya are traveling in style…the first time they’re touring by bus. They’re sharing the bus with Animals As Leaders, which is kind of rad. So, perhaps now that they’re big shit with a bus, they’ll be able to bury themselves in more fotch?

“Yeah man, for sure,” Butler tells Gun Shy Assassin. “We’ll see how that goes. Its mainly dudes at shows, or there’s hot chicks there with their boyfriends. If you’re looking for chicks, metal is not the music to be playing. There is definitely the occasional chick you nail on the road. Everyone has had that. But its definitely a rarity.”

Summer Slaughter marks Decapitated’s first return to a major tour, following the 2007 road incident that killed two of the band’s founding members. Butler tells me he’s psyched to see Decapitated, a band that had influenced the members of Maya. “I’ve listened to them for a long time,” he says. “They were a pretty big inspiration to us. I never saw them live, so I’m excited to see them every night and the Red Chord. Cephalic Carnage is going to be sweet. We’ve met [frontman] Lenzig [Leal] a couple of times. He has come out to a couple of our shows in Denver. He always hooks bands up with his own beer. He brews beers.”

Veil of Maya’s new album, id, has sold just over 15,000 since dropping in April. This is a band all the kids are creaming themselves over, and they are tough. As nails. The Summer Slaughter tour will be the band’s chance to play for new, potential fans. “There’s going to be some people who have seen us before, and definitely some new ears. You always want to play to different people and try to expand your fan base and I think it helps when you have nine bands on a tour. You get to play for a lot of different people and people get to come out and see a lot of different bands.”

He says he’s looking forward to the Vancouver stop of the tour, if only for the proliferation of the devil’s herb there. That reminds Butler of the band’s worst tour.

“It was originally A Life Once Lost, Arsis, us and Skeletonwitch, and our album was a month away from dropping and A Life Once Lost got an offer to play in Europe and they dropped off the tour two weeks before it started,” he recalls. “They just decided they weren’t doing it anymore. There’s maybe 20, 30 kids at each show, and Arsis doesn’t show up until another two weeks. It’s just us and Skeletonwitch playing evert day for kids who came looking to see A Life Once Lost and Arsis.”

After Summer Slaughter, Veil of Maya will be touring in November with Darkest Hour, and Butler promises that his band is not going to hop on the latest metal trend, of splattering the crowd with fake or real blood. “I’m not sure we can compete with Gwar,” he says.

Gwar are over, we decide. People aren’t cool with going to a concert and walking away with fake jizz in their eyebrows. It’s the musical equivalent of seeing Shamu or Gallagher. So I ask Butler a trick question: What was the last decent Gwar record? There hasn’t been one.


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