Viber Download For Chrome OS – Free Text, Voice and Video Calls

Viber is currently being used by more than 100 million people. This application allows users to send messages and initiate calls, free of charge of course. You can use this app on Windows Phone, Blackberry devices, Android ones and of course iOS handsets. In order to set the app in motion, you must have a Wi-Fi connection or a 3G one. Viber has been developing constantly offering users the best services and features. This is why we should start looking at Viber as a pretty strong adversary for other IM app.

The company owning Viber, Rakuten has currently unveiled Viber for Chrome OS. This new launch also includes the text, voice and video chat features. If you want to download Viber, head on to Chrome Web Store.

Initiating video or voice calls is free, especially if you call another Viber user. If you wish to initiate a call to any landline number, you will be required to pay extra. Start by adding your personal account, so you can have access to all of these features. Make sure that the Google operating system functions on Chromebook or Chromebox. Remember that in order to enjoy the HD voice calling features, you should have a 3G or a Wi-fi connection. You can also send all kinds of photos to your friends along with some funny stickers if you want to share your current mood. However, Viber has a top competitor to face, we are referring to Google Hangouts and Imo. And there is a catch: Viber does not function with the Chrome browser on other types of platforms, for now it has some limitations. It was designed for Chrome OS exclusively. Viber is a 28 MB application and it can be used in 54 languages. Users from all corners of the world can keep in touch with their family and friends.

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