Viber Download Free 5.4 APK for Android – Top Offers And Set Up Guide

Viber allows people from every distant corner of the world to interact with the ones they miss. You can share all kinds of videos, photos and of course engage in chats. This brand new upgrade rolls out with some new improvements to the app. So if you want to know more about these new upgrades, install the Viber for Android 5.4, directly from the Play Store. In order for the 5.4 APK version to work, you must have the Android 2.3 version or other higher ones, installed on your gizmo.

Viber 5.4.0 offers:

  • major improvements for all you tablet lovers out there
  • activating a Viber account quicker (on a tablet)
  • Enhancements regarding the calls gizmo
  • Multiple pictures can be sent a lot faster
  • The option of customizing one’s groups with fun icons and symbols
  • The option of personalizing all Viber notices (available for Android L)

How to set up Viber 5.4 Android APK:

Follow these instructions:

  • Start off by setting up the APK file on your PC. If you decide to download it on your handset, you should look for it in the”downloads” folder, located on the SD card.
  • Get your hands on the ASTRO File Manager (look for it in Android Market), but if you want, other file managers can be used.
  • Head on to Settings, then go to Applications and make sure you tick the “Unknown sources” window. Then simply click OK when you see the warning pop up.
  • Now link your handset to the computer, so that you can move the Viber 5.4.apk in the SD card or if you wish on the handset’s memory.
  • Unplug the gizmo and browse through the application straight to the folder where you have moved the APK.
  • Simply click on the 5.4.apk file and when you see a popup, click on the” Open App Manager”.
  • The next step is to hit the Install knob. You should be taken to the Android interface where the installation happens. Here you will have to read the approvals that are needed. Just click on Install again and let it do its magic.

And this is all there is to it! The new Viber update is now set up in your Android device.

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