Viber Free Download – Can the Fastest-Growing Messenger App be Compared to WhatsApp?

The two popular messaging apps Viber and WhatsApp are very similar and at the same time very different.

WhatsApp is arguably the king of instant messaging apps that works across all mobile platforms. Viber is quite less popular than WhatsApp, but quickly gaining more users worldwide. In this article, we will compare both the apps to help those who must choose between the two applications.


The biggest appeal of these instant messaging apps is that they are compatible with almost all devices. Viber is available for Android. iOS, Nokia, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry as well as for PC and Mac. However, it should be noted that Viber for PC can be installed only after the latest version of the app has been installed on a mobile device. On the other hand, WhatsApp is supported on most Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, and Nokia Smartphones. It is worth noting that there is no WhatsApp for PC. Also, the app does not support Wi-Fi only devices. If you really need to install WhatsApp on your PC, you will need the Android emulator software to do so. BlueStacks app player is one of the best Android emulators for PC at the moment.

Sending Files

When it comes to sending files, there is no big difference between the two services. With both the applications, you can send images, audio files and videos. Remember that there is a limit on the size of the files one is allowed to send. Note that both the apps do not support doc or PDF files.


WhatsApp is free to use for the first one year but after that you have to pay $0.99 per year. You will not be charged for every message you send provided you have not exceeded your data limit. Viber service is also free. There are no monthly or annual fees. It lets you make calls and send text messages for free. Even so, mobile data charges may apply if you are not using a free Wi-Fi connection. Also, carrier charges may apply if you are calling non-Viber users.


Both Viber and WhatsApp have implemented end-to-end encryption, a feature that makes it almost impossible for someone to read your messages, even the service providers themselves. A person can only read your messages if he or she has physical access to your device.

Voice and Video calls

Both the apps let the users make voice calls for free. Viber has already rolled out a video calling feature but WhatsApp is still working on adding this service. But it is not known when WhatsApp will launch it. For now, it is safe to assume that Viber wins when it comes to video calling.

Final Thoughts  

It is difficult to separate the difference between Viber and WhatsApp, because the two messaging apps offer almost the same features. WhatsApp wins when it comes to text messaging. Viber is far better than WhatsApp when it comes to voice and video calling; with that said, we must admit that the popularity of Viber has not yet reached the fame of WhatsApp. Perhaps Viber will overtake WhatsApp in the near future, but at the moment WhatsApp is still the app of choice for sending free texts across multiple devices.

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