Viber Free Download vs. LINE Messenger Free Download – A Comparison of Top IMs

Viber and LINE Messenger are not new to each other in the world of instant messaging and voice calling.

The two apps were launched almost the same time, but Viber came in a little earlier in 2010 and LINE followed in swiftly in early 2011.

Viber Free Download vs. LINE Messenger: Similarities

Initially, Viber was meant for use on the iOS platform and it served as a voice calling application. However, the app later came in with an instant messaging service as well as installed both features on the Android version. Since then, the story has been the same for other mobile platforms and PCs as well. LINE Messenger, on the other hand, was developed with an aim of helping those affected by the Japan earthquake that occurred in March 2011. This app helped in connecting millions of people in Japan after the quake had destroyed most of the telephone lines and other means of communication.

The LINE Messenger then moved on to become a mainstay long after the country had forgotten the tragic event. Just like Viber, this application is now available on multiple platforms and devices that include Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone as well as Symbian. With these two apps, a lot has changed in the way people communicate.

Rather than just depend on instant messaging and voice calling, the two apps allow the users to make free video calls. LINE recently reported that it had reached 600 million users, which places it 100 million above Viber. However, the popularity of Viber is growing around the world while that of LINE keeps increasing in the Asian region.

Viber Free Download vs. LINE Messenger: Differences

User interface

Viber comes with a very intuitive UI that features a clean and natural look. The interface is also efficient, simple and also very quick in responding to commands. Even though Viber free download is free, there are no ads on the UI of this app. It is very easy to know what the icons stand for once you start using the app.

When talking about LINE, the app still has some work to do. There are randomly placed layers and weird locations for the options, but this does not mean this interface is very easy to understand. However, the developers of the app can do better with the coming versions if they are to spread their wings to other markets beyond Asia.

Quality of calls

There is no doubt that both LINE Messenger and Viber free download are two of the best apps when it comes to voice and video calling. As long as you have a suitable Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G network, you will be able to make HD-quality calls on both apps for free. Viber adds a little zest to the voice and video calling services by allowing users to doodle, include emoticons and stickers as well as play games during calls.

LINE Messenger also allows the users to play games during calls. Furthermore, this app is equipped with one of the best collections of stickers that will make you enjoy using the app. The app even features an intelligent sticker that can study your messages and conversations and in the process suggest for you the appropriate sticker to go with that particular situation.

Calling non-users of the app

Viber comes with an extra ability of allowing the users to make affordable calls to the non-users of the app, be it on landlines or mobile phones. This ability requires that the users register for the ViberOut service and buy credits from the Viber website. At the moment, LINE Messenger only offers free calls to users of the app. There is no viable means you can use to communicate with the non-users. However, the app does add some amazing social media-like features that will definitely make you want to use the app.

LINE Messenger comes with a timeline where the users can post updates and the other users of the app can like, comment or even share the content; just like on Facebook.

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