VIDEO: Ask A Bombshell With Zeena Koda

Ask A Bombshell With Zeena Koda

It’s a new year. So why not a new format for Sirius XM DJ Zeena Koda’s regular column here at Gun Shy Assassin?

We sent Zeena — a musician in her own right, as well as one of the voices you hear when you turn on Liquid Metal — your questions, and she decided to answer them via video…which is cool for a couple of reasons.

First, it’s more interactive and truly lets Zeena’s personality shine through. Second, it also lets her boobies shine through, so, these are good things. We’re not sure if this is how future installments will be formatted, but we’d love to hear your input on the subject. Here’s Zeena’s response — your weird-ass questions follow at the end of this post.

Questions for this installment:

“My girlfriend and I started dating three years ago, when I was 19. I considered proposing but had reservations because I hadn’t dated anyone else. I didn’t want to cheat down the road, so I broke up with her to date more. After some soul-searching (brought on by her having met someone else), I decided she’s the one. I told her I wanted her back but she says she’s still angry with me. We’ve talked only by email. She won’t answer my calls. What should I do? — George”

“For some reason, I keep meeting all the women I want to date at drive-throughs. There’s something about hearing a sexy voice through the speaker and then looking into the woman’s eyes when I get my food. Is there something wrong with me? I’m concerned I have a fetish. — Thor”

“Could you give me some insight into this situation? My older brother is 18 and his girlfriend is 16. She is his first girlfriend. At some point she dumped him. He was a mess, crying and everything. Then they got back together and he was like a lost puppy, following her around. Everything he did had to be with her or he wouldn’t do it. Now they’re ‘taking a break’ and he’s a mess again. What’s the best way to handle this? — Shawn O.”

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