Video: Metallica Fan Downs Dog Chow For Tickets

Are you Serious?

What would you do for Metallica tickets? Would you cluck like a chicken? Eat a pubic hair taco? Have sex with Burt Reynolds’ vomit? Shave your ass? I’d do none of these things and less, but I digress. Some people would attempt at least one of these things to get free tickets to Metallica’s upcoming gigs in Australia.

Is it me, or have Metallica moved to Australia? I feel like these guys have been Down Under going on three months now. Anyways, so a local radio station in Sydney launched a contest this week for free tickets, and five Metallica fans took part in a competition that included a series of unusual challenges. Sex with Burt Reynolds’ vomit was not one of those options, I’m afraid. But sex with Yahoo Serious’s vomit was. I’m kidding…kissing another dude was one challenge some chap accepted. Sick bastard!

In the video that follows the jump, you can see what one man did to win tickets. He downed a big old spoonful of “My Dog” brand dog food…thick, gravy-coated gourmet dog chow that didn’t end up staying down for too long. It’s like a bad Jackass stunt. You need to watch Slipknot fan Marcello win the chance to see Metallica. It’s not so much funny as it is erotic…wait, did I just type that? I meant gross and sickening and probably a violation of the Geneva Convention.

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