Vince Neil Was “Misunderstood” On Gun Control Comments

Vince Neil

Listen, man. I don’t own a gun. Probably never will. I do own swords, though. I feel if I’m going to kill an intruder, I might as well have to work at it a touch. And my sword’s be sharp.

I do feel, in the wake of last week’s elementary school massacre in Connecticut, that new limits and restrictions need to be imposed so that this shit doesn’t happen again. I also feel like nuts will be nuts and if they can’t get guns, they’ll find a way to make a bomb or buy swords. They’ll find a way.

The last person who should be weighing in on anything is Vince Neil of Motley Crue. It’s not as though the dude hasn’t made questionable choices in his life.

Vince says his Tweet was “misunderstood” last week. That Tweet: “Sad day today. Prayers to all the families. Gun Control!!!”

It was posted the same day 20 kids were killed by an evil prick.

Vince’s Tweet was met with some fan backlash (likely gun-toting sister-porkers), forcing Vince to clarify his inane Tweet.

“Why is everyone so concerned with guns? What about the CHILDREN that were MURDERED today! Get your priorities straight!! Come on people!!,” he later wrote.

He continued: “I did say gun control but I didn’t think 90% of you would care more about your gun than dead children!!! FUCK YOU to EVERYONE who puts guns in front of kids!! Do not come to ANY shows! You are sick!!”

Yesterday, Vince Tweeted yet again, only this time, he backpeddled.

“I’ve been misunderstood on this subject. It was upsetting to me that the focus was not on the children and their families. I lost a child that age. I never said ban guns. I said gun control. Sorry if I offended anyone.”

Fuck guns. The bigger problem in this world is people take offense to everything. Dude expressed his opinion. People don’t have to like his opinion, but did they have to take it personally? No.

Everyone just needs to calm the fuck down already.

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