Warriors of the Great White North: The 3 Inches of Blood Tour Doc Delivers

Film captures life on the road as band traverses Canada with the Cancer Bats

Warriors of the Great White NorthWarriors of the Great White North

Warriors of the Great White North

One of the biggest controversies in the metal scene today is the usage of crowd-funding campaigns.

Chris has been incredibly outspoken about his disfavor with them; I myself am sort of undecided on the matter, but I lean towards thinking they shouldn’t be used by bands already signed. Double-dipping into your fans’ pockets is kind of uncool if you ask me, but then again my piddling, unsigned band gives all its music away for free, so I don’t really have a full experience of music industry economics to have a fully intelligent view on the matter.

At first it seemed like only crappy bands were stooping to crowd-funding…then it got really popular. One of the most unexpected crowd-funders was the Vancouver, Canada band of whiskey-swilling, Dungeons & Dragons lyrics-having, purveyors of melo-thrash, 3 Inches of Blood.

3 Inches of Blood, or as my drummer calls them, 3 Pinches of Bud, ran an Indiegogo campaign and self-produced a documentary of one of their recent tours of Canada with Cancer Bats. The flick, donned “Warriors of the Great White North,” was written, directed, and shot by Tom MacLeod.

I bet if this was ever released into theaters, he would be the guy selling popcorn, too.

Fire Up The Blades is one of the most impressive albums in the genre and they put on one of the tightest live shows. I’ve been a fan of these dudes for a while. I think anyone who pays attention knows that this is one of the hardest working bands. They’re always touring, always have an album or something cool in the works. Although at times a tad cheesy, 3 Inches of Blood has established themselves as a truly noteworthy band in modern metal.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that this documentary captures this sentiment. It’s worth a watch, don’t get me wrong, go support the band, but don’t expect “Killadelphia,” “Heavy Metal in Baghdad,” “Why You Do This,” or “Until the Light Takes Us.” I think funding had a lot to do with it; the documentary was basically confined to the tour van and the backstage areas of the gigs. It was a little underwhelming, to be honest.

Again, it’s tough to go beyond that when you have a really small budget for a poor, albeit very hardworking, band. Some things they could have done some more personal interviews with the individual band members and given a band history. It’s probably a drag to do that because it probably seems awkward and superfluous, but when you’re watching a movie you need character development to latch onto. In “Warriors,” we have four guys getting drunk in different clubs and then talking about how sleep-deprived you get on tour. It was like a photo album with bits of dialogue.

And there were some great opportunities for expanding the dialogue. In one scene, guitarist Justin explains how he tears out the 666th page of every Bible he finds in the hotel rooms they stay in. Then that’s it. You can tell there’s more to the story because of his tone, but does the documentary explore it? Nope. We cut to a different scene.

A great thing about the documentary is the footage of the Canadian countryside that you see on long drives through America’s Hat. I used to live in Buffalo, New York, so I was in Canada a lot, and I must admit, you’ve got yourself a beautiful country, Canadians. And also, the Toronto Science Museum is fucking awesome. Go check that shit out before you die. Furthermore, the Canada side of Niagara Falls is better. And no hard feelings from me about the whole Olympics Hockey finals. Go for gold, guys.

All in all, watch the movie. It’s not a waste of an hour and change. It could have more interviews and concert footage, but you at least get to observe four chill dudes hang out for a bit.

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