WeChat Tips And Tricks To Make Life Easier

There are many features in WeChat which made it an instant hit with the youth. A lot many people appreciated the user-friendly interface and the ability to send text and voice messages very effortlessly. All these features together made WeChat a great competitor to Whatsapp. The following are a few tips and tricks which will enable users to make the most of their WeChat experience.

Web WeChat

This feature completely sets WeChat apart from the rest of the free messaging apps as it enables the users to chat on their computer in case they do not have their Smartphone handy. Another added advantage is that downloading the app is not a requirement as the user can freely chat on any desktop browser. It is a great feature and makes things a lot easier for the users. There are times when the phone is not working or is out of battery, which makes this provision a great advantage. Starting new chats and conversation from the web browser will not be a difficulty; however the chat history will not be displayed.

Transferring Files From The Web

While using WeChat from a web browser the user can easily transfer files to other users. However, there is one limitation it as the size of the file must not be more than 10 MB. PDF, MOV, MP3, Microsoft Office, PPT, DOXC files can be easily sent with the help of this feature.

The Social Features

There are many social features on WeChat which make it very different from ordinary free messaging apps. In case you love to make new friends, then this is the right app for you. You will be able to chat with random people with the help of WeChat. Some of the features are noted below:

  • Shake: this is a really unique feature which enables the users to meet random people and chat with them. All you need to do is shake your phone and find a new person to chat with. This is applicable only on people who are not too far from you and have the shake feature enabled. In case you do not like the results, you can always shake your phone again to find a different result. Those users who do not want to make use of this mode can easily log out to avoid the “shakers”.
  • Look around: this feature is a hit with the youth, as it enables to make friends with random people who are physically present around you and have this feature on in their mobiles. To allow this feature, the app must be enabled to check your location. The other user’s name, status, profile picture or avatar can be seen and also, their distance from you is noted too. Striking up a conversation with a stranger was never easier; one thing to keep in mind is when this mode is on, even the others can see your profile when they are “looking around”. In case you are not too fond of this feature you can always tap on the three dots in the right corner at the top and exit after clearing the data.
  • Drift bottle: this is a unique feature which is different from most of the other text messaging apps. The user can toss a digital message into a virtual “sea” and wait for random people to pick it up. One may choose to keep, delete or reply to the message as per their personal choice.

Changing Names Of Friends

Renaming a contact is super simple in this app. Just go to contacts, go to the profile of the person whose name you want to change, next click on the three dots and change the name of the contact.

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