Wes Borland: “Anybody Can Make A Record For Nothing”

Wes Borland

But that’s not a good enough reason for someone to make a record, if you ask me.

Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland spoke with Metalshrine recently, and said making records today is different than when Limp Bizkit used to make records…back when somebody cared.


“The way things are now, there’s no money in selling records anymore, but making them is very cheap,” Captain Obvious offers. “The scale has tipped. Now anybody can make a record for nothing and they can do it at home and it sounds great. Because of that, and the Internet, we now have this oversaturation of music everywhere. Some of it’s great, and there are people that have made records probably for free at home, and they would never have been able to put anything out before. You have all this great music, but you also have all this shitty music that people are putting out.”

Nice segue to Limp.

“It’s impossible for people to sell records, unless you’re a titan like the Lady Gagas of the world. It’s sad, because a lot of people aren’t going to be able to afford to make music their lives and make that second follow-up or third record. How many more records are we gonna have that make bands into legends? There’s probably a Led Zeppelin out there that just the carpet pulled out from under their feet because they don’t have time or money to go on tour anymore, so all the things they could’ve been in their career are gonna be gone because they have to wash dishes to pay the rent. That’s the biggest loss, people not being able to afford to make music. We’ll see what happens. Maybe it’ll start happening to where they can afford to just devote their lives to music. Black Light Burns records are selling like shit, but somehow everyone seems to have heard it. I get people saying, ‘Oh, the record’s amazing!’ all day long,” says Wes.

That’s not true. Come on, dude. No one’s said that.

“But they haven’t bought it. That’s where we are. No one’s buying the records and that’s even worse for other bands. It’s a scary time, but I have some kinda hope that they were just headed through a valley and there will be a peak, that makes sense for everyone. You can all get music for way less than you would have been paying for it in the past and we can all somehow make money from record sales again. Not the amount we were making, but enough so people can make a career out of it. That would be great.”

You can read more here.

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