Whacko Killer Claims Slayer’s Hanneman Committed Suicide

Leroy Smith III had previously claimed to be God

He's saneHe's sane

He’s sane

A Maine man who killed his own father last spring has been found incompetent to stand trial after claiming the band Slayer was present in 2011, when someone held a gun to the nut’s head.

Reports claim 25-year-old Leroy Smith III — who admitted to killing 56-year-old Leroy Smith Jr. in May 2014, cutting up his remains and dumping them in the woods in Richmond, Maine — said during a competency hearing Monday that Jeff Hanneman committed suicide.

He told the judge:

“With my case, they’re telling me that my story is delusional grandiose of proceedings that happened, and they’re not investigating it. The fact of the matter [is that] in 2011 I had a gun pointed to my head and was sworn to keep secret of what I am. And they refused investigating any persons that are responsible. The whole entire music group Slayer was there. I was told then that what they did was too overboard. I sent them a message on Facebook and that Jeff Hanneman, the guitarist, takes his own life. He took his own life May 5 of 2013.”

When Justice Donald Marden told Smith that he would accept anything in writing from Smith through his attorneys and to sit down or be removed, Smith responded, “Then I have no fair trial.”

Smith’s attorney Pamela Ames told WABI:

“To be able to establish any sort of attorney-client relationship is impossible. He thinks our role is to subpoena society and to subpoena certain heavy metal bands to come to explain why they won’t let him play with them.”

Smith, who has previously told court officials he is God, claims he killed his dad for sexually abusing him his whole life.

Ann LeBlanc, director of the State Forensic Service, testified Monday she evaluated Smith twice and found him to have acute delusional thinking.

“He had delusions that he thought he was God, grandiose delusions he was the best guitarist in the world,” LeBlanc said, adding that he also had delusions that people associated with heavy metal or thrash metal bands were out to kill him.

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