What Are the Most Frequent Google Play Store App Errors and How to Deal with Them?

Most of us have probably experienced receiving a cryptic error message with seemingly random numbers form the Google Play Store, when trying to download some interesting app we discovered.

That’s pretty annoying, right? Here are some frequent Google Play Sore app errors and advices on how to solve them.

Error DF-BPA-09 

Error Processing Purchase is pretty often an error occurring when the users attempt to download some app from the Google Play Store. Trying to download the application again and again is pointless, and won’t solve this problem. You will need to head to the settings and tap on Applications or, depending on your device, App Manager. Then you need to swipe to the column “All” as well as scroll down to get to the “Google Services Framework”. At the end, you will have to press “clear data” as well as confirm and click OK.

Error 495

This error means there is a problem with downloading, either updating applications from the Google Play Store. Solving this problem implies deleting Google Play Store’s data. To do so, go to the Settings, then head to Apps, after that to All and at the end to Google Play Store where you need to click Clear data. Moreover, erase the Google Services Framework data. Delete the Google account you have on your phone, reboot the phone, and at the end re-add Google account on your phone by heading to Settings, after that to Accounts. Choose Add Account button here and finally choose Google Account.

Error 941

Error 941 means that there’s some interruption during update. In order to solve this issue, you need to go to the Settings, next to Apps, after this to All and finally select Google Play Store in order to clear data and cache. It is also recommended to head down to the Download Manager located at the same place, in order to clear its cache and data too. You can then attempt the update again.

Error 491

Google Play Error 491 indicates that the update as well as download is not possible. The answer to this issue implies you have to remove your Google account by going to your phone’s settings, after that to Accounts and to Google. Choose to remove your account, then reboot your device and set up your account again. Then you will need to go to Apps (Applications) in the settings and swipe in order to see “All” of your apps. After that, go to Google Services, press clear data, and finally force stop.

Error 498

This error means there’s some interruption of Play Store’s downloads which indicates the full cache of your Android device. You will be required to delete all unnecessary apps and files. Press volume down and power button in order to restart your device in recovery mode.

These are just some of the Google Play Store errors that can occur on your phone and there are many more aside from these. Still, these are the most frequent ones, so we hope the article will help you solve them.

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