What’s Korn Trying To Tell Us?

So, Korn have a new album coming out next week called Korn III: Remember Who You Are, and, from what I’ve heard, its ultra heavy. Fans who thought Korn had gone too soft on recent albums will surely delight and punch themselves in the face rapidly and/or wanna start mosh pits and such. I’m just not sure what Korn is trying to tell us with this series of videos the band’s released…part of their whole viral marketing plan.

In the first video, we see a loser in a Korn shirt taking a piss in a field when, all of a sudden, he sees lights up in the sky. Then, this big beam of light falls on him, and some broad screams like someone’s pulling her fingernails out. The next video depicts the discovery of a crop circle. Whoever edited the video claims he’s friends with “the helicopter” dude for the local news station, who agrees to take them up so they can film it.

The third video features an awful actor for a local made-up news station reading very engaging copy about lights in the night sky, and in this video, the conclusion to the series, we learn that these videos aren’t about aliens or abductions. No, its just part of Korn’s getting the word out about the new disc.

Frontman Jonathan Davis told me last fall this new record would not be conceptual in nature, so I’m hoping that wasn’t a lie and they’re going all “Close Encounters” with this disc. It feels like that idea’s been done, no? I’m not sure what to make of these videos. I feel like they’re so unnecessary. And what do they reveal about the album? As far as I can tell, nothing. But Davis did promise heavy, which is what you want from a Korn record. Mindless and heavy.

“It’s really like the old school stuff … like the first two records,” Davis told me. “It’s just going back to our roots, working with Ross … it’s just been amazing, and it sounds like nothing we’ve ever done. It’s more in the vein of the first two records, and we’re really excited about it. And working with Ross, it just sort of evolved out of us, naturally. He’s got us going back to the old school-style of how we were writing, and how we all just sat in a room together and did all this stuff so. We’re excited … it’s just how its been taking shape.”


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