WhatsApp 2.12.104 APK Download – Free Updated Features

WhatsApp Messenger is a very popular and well-received app. It helps users keep in touch constantly. But in order to talk to a beloved friend, boyfriend or spouse, the other person must also have WhatsApp set up on their personal handset. But since the app is hitting it off with a bunch of operating systems out there, users shouldn’t encounter any difficulties in installing it on their devices. Just a quick reminder regarding all the OS WhatsApp works on: Symbian, Android, iOS and lastly Windows Phone. So no matter what type of gizmo you own, there is no excuse for not being able to communicate with someone dear to you.

You can send just about anything to your contacts. Do you want to show them a photo from your last holiday? Send it right away. Do you have a funny video you wish to share? Just click the send button. Of course let’s not forget about the messaging features that you have at your disposal. You can either send a written text or even a voice message if you don’t feel like tying a long message. Because WhatsApp has a fast image narrowing feature, this allows any file format to be sent right away.

The preferred tool that is being used constantly is the one that permits users to create all kinds of groups. Anybody from the list can be part of your group, but they must receive an invite by the person who initially created the group. If they are bored of the conversation or in a hurry, they can quit the group at any given time.

Android devotees love WhatsApp, because it doesn’t charge them money for their messages. Don’t forget that the original WhatsApp version is in sync with the WhatsApp PLUS variant. So here is what WhatsApp brings to the table, if your download the 2.12.104 version:

  • no more blue tick symbol regarding the privacy options
  • camera shortcut element can be added
  • the ability of including thumbnails when engaging in a video chat
  • seeing your unread messages and a lot more.

Download it today, to try out all of these new features.

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