WhatsApp 2.12.108 APK Messenger – Free Download With No Extra Costs

WhatsApp Messenger is an app that you will find installed in Android devices and other types of handsets. It works on 4G, 3G as well as 2G and last but not least EDGE and Wi-Fi. If you want to get calls, share multimedia files and benefit from Voice Messages, simply switch from the Messenger Version to WhatsApp. Remember that your 1st year is free of charge. If you are curious to know how much you will have to pay once the free year has come to an end, the price will be $0.99. Isn’t this a good deal or what?

Find out why you should use WhatsApp:

No extra costs: Because the application uses the above mentioned internet connections, there is no need for you to be charged for every single call or message that you send.  Sharing photos & videos: Now sharing all of your multimedia content has never been easier.

WhatsApp call feature: No matter where your friends are, use WhatsApp to give them a call and see how they’re doing. Don’t worry, the app uses the internet connection and not the voice minutes that you have included in your data plan. So enjoy your calls! (Quick reminder: calling 911 and other types of emergency numbers do no work via WhatsApp)

Group chatting: A fun and easy way to enjoy your conversations within the app. Give it a go!

WhatsApp website: If you don’t have this application installed on your smartphone, you can also send your messages from the browser you use on your PC.

International Fees? No way: Even if a loved one is abroad, WhatsApp will not charge you for those types of messages.

Say farewell to pins & usernames: With WhatsApp there is no need for you to have a username or a PIN number! Finally, right? This is because the app uses your cellular number.

Logged in constantly: You are always logged in the app, so this way you will not miss out on any important messages.

Saved offline messages: It doesn’t matter if your device is turned off or if you simply forget to check your phone for notices. WhatsApp will save all of your notifications.

Discover more: With WhatsApp you can personalize your wallpapers as well as the sounds, send messages to more than one contact and so on. There is a whole world of fun WhatsApp features ready to be discovered.

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