WhatsApp 2.12.122 Beta And 2.12.124 Stable Download – Unlimited Features

The developers of WhatsApp made the Android users very happy, by offering them a new beta version and a stable version. The beta version is 2.12.122 and it was increased by 5KB, having only nine modified files and no apparent additions, while the stable version is 2.12.124, but all users will be able to install it at this moment, because it will be rolled out in phases, and some devices will be prioritized, then the rest of the Android phones will have access to it.

As we were saying, the beta version has small improvements and some bug fixes, but no other additional features, because the biggest changes already happened on previous versions and the application has a better interface, the voice calling feature works almost flawlessly, without interruptions or lags, but it still consumes a lot of mobile data. Even so, more and more people seem to be lured by this application and they are willing to pay the annual fee of 0.99 dollars, once the trial period of one year will expire.

WhatsApp has evolved constantly since 2009, when it was released for iPhones, then it was extended for other platforms as well, but once it was bought by Facebook, things started going in the right direction and the number of active users increased from 500 million to 800 million, in just one year.

The application doesn’t have hidden costs, so the users can send free messages with texts, photos, videos or audio recordings, they are allowed to create group chats with up to 100 people, share their location, use stickers and access their accounts from their computers with the Web feature, but they must run one of these browsers: Firefox, Chrome or Opera.

The beta version is found on the official website of WhatsApp and before downloading it, you need to enable the Unknown Sources from Settings, otherwise you won’t be able to install applications from other sources than the Google Play Store. WhatsApp can be installed on smartphones that run on Android 2.1 and later.

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