WhatsApp 2.12.142 Stable APK Download Available – Hidden Improvements and HQ Voice Calls

WhatsApp is surely one of the applications that should be installed on any Android smartphone device. The application was bought the Facebook back in February 2014 and since then, the developers have been continuously working to improve it.

The developers brought even the Voice Calling feature to this application, which one year ago nobody thought that the developers will implement so fast. Well, new rumors are saying that the developers are currently working on bringing the Video Calling feature to WhatsApp. However, the developers will first have to fix all the issues and errors that the application has, including some problems that the Voice Calling feature came with.

WhatsApp 2.12.142

The latest BETA version of WhatsApp is 2.12.142 and it can be found on the official Android website. Unfortunately, the new WhatsApp BETA doesn’t come with new features, but we’ve noticed some new files and some modifications to some existing files. It seems that the developers are preparing to release the Google Drive feature, which will allow you upload the WhatsApp chat history backup file directly to the cloud. We think that this feature is great and many WhatsApp users will be happy that they will be able to recover the WhatsApp messages in case their device is stolen or if they lose it.

WhatsApp features

– No hidden fees
– Ability to send and receive photos, videos and Voice messages
– Ability to call your WhatsApp friends worldwide for free
– Ability to create and join group chats to talk with two or more users at the same time
– Ability to connect on PC on your WhatsApp account via Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera using the WhatsApp Web feature
– No more usernames and passwords – the application uses your mobile phone number to get you identified
– In case you were offline when someone sent you a WhatsApp message, don’t worry, because it will be stored on WhatsApp’s servers until you log in. Once you log into your WhatsApp account, you will receive all the messages you’ve missed while being offline.

WhatsApp 2.12.142: How to install

WhatsApp 2.12.142 is currently in BETA, which means that it can’t be downloaded from the Google Play Store. So, you will need to manually download it on your Android smartphone. To do this, open the browser and head to whatsapp.com/android. Download the WhatsApp 2.12.142 APK into your Android smartphone and manually install it.

HINT: You will not be able to install the APK file if you don’t have Unknown Sources enabled. This option can be enabled from your Android smartphone’s Settings->Security or Settings->Applications (depends from an Android OS version to another).

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