WhatsApp 2.12.23 APK File Download Overview

The latest WhatsApp APK file, called 2.12.23 for anybody that is interested, was released at the start of April, 2015 and it is useful to look at the file in order to determine what is different about it. There are rumours of big changes afoot for WhatsApp, so any new updated is certainly going to be examined in minute detail to see if any of the changes have taken place, so what about this APK version? What should you do with it after you have completed the download?

This Version.

This version is for the Android operating system so if you have the iPhone or anything that uses iOS, then this may not apply to you. This version is also just in its Beta mode and you need to search for the download, but it does contain a number of slight changes that deal with some of the main complaints that people have had in recent times about WhatsApp.

Perhaps the main improvement is with the voice calling feature because even though that was released on the previous version it is clear that all has not been working as smoothly as it should have been. However, this version deals with a few internal bugs that meant it was not quite up to their high standards, but that has now changed.

It is worth noting that this update also appears to be paving the way for future additions to WhatsApp including making it easier to block contacts. This is of course required due to the calling feature as before you could just ignore and block messages, but it is harder to do that with a phone call. However, it is now a simple case of whenever you block an individual, then they can no longer call you although you would have expected WhatsApp to include this when they launched the first version.

Finally, they have also made changes to stop people from spamming you as this is a problem that has been getting worse in recent times. Marketing people have seen WhatsApp as being a wonderful opportunity for them, but that leads to something that is very annoying. Once again this problem has been made worse with the call option as people have been using it when they are not even on a persons contact list. However, that is all changing with this update with there being an option to block users and to also report their spamming methods.

So, with this latest version of WhatsApp:

  • It is only available as an Android download.It deals with a number of bugs from the previous version.
  • It makes it easier to block people and stop them from calling you.
  • It has improved the call feature so it works more smoothly.
  • It makes it easier to stop and report spam.

At least with each update it is clear that WhatsApp have identified issues and also picked up on things that people are complaining about and taken the appropriate action of correcting those issues. This shows that they listen to you and it means that their 700 million users will have a much better experience with the app.

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