WhatsApp 2.12.60 Voice Calling Features For Windows Phone

WhatsApp for Windows Phone got the ultimate update. You can use the app to initiate free voice calls to your friends! Yes, it has finally arrived to those using Windows Phone devices.

The feature that everyone raved about reached Android back in March and in April it made its way to iOS. But now, it’s Windows Phone’s time to enjoy this feature. The new update also grants users the possibility to send all kinds of audio files (this will work only if you are operating Windows Phone 8.1). So from now on, feel free to share any type of audio file that you think is important or merely for entertainment purposes.

Windows Phone devotees have been waiting long enough for this update and have been a bit jealous on their iOS and Android sidekicks. Don’t say it isn’t true!

But, now they can enjoy the same features because it is all possible with the new version of WhatsApp, the 2.12.60 one. The latter bought the VoIP services to the Windows Phone devices.

For those of you who still don’t know, Facebook is the owner of WhatsApp. This major acquisition happened back in 2014 and Facebook can now gloat because 800 million people are activating on the app every single month. So, it’s safe to ay that their purchase (a pretty steep one indeed) was the best strategem.

People communicate daily with friends and long distant relatives and they also enjoy sharing pictures, videos and other types of multimedia files. And the best part is that it’s all free of charge. According to Zuckerberg, there will be no charges implemented to use the VoIP services. So go ahead and continue to enjoy all of what WhatsApp has to offer.

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