Whatsapp Beta Channel Rolls Out Voice Calling for Windows Phones

The wait has been really long, because the voice calling feature for Whatapp was first rolled out to the Android users and then iOS. Finally, it has reached the Windows phone community but still in its beta stage.  

The Facebook owned text messaging company has been going strong lately as majority of smartphone users rely on it for their communication needs. It is easy to use, available on a wide range of platforms and reliable in most scenarios. Whatsapp became the most preferred text messaging app over an internet connection, which helped it acquire millions of users around the globe. With a view to not waste the available resource, the developers decided to expand and they came up with the feature that allowed making calls on it.

Competing with Skype and Viber

For a long time now, Skype has been the go to place for voice and video calling on almost every platform. They have acquired the two major operating systems including iOS and Android. The voice calling feature was originally launched for Android in a beta program. As the platform had a whole lot of users, it was rolled out only for select users. Then, the feature was rolled out in different phases to users around the globe. People who already had the feature could call someone and voice calling will be activated on your phone as well. After making Windows Phone users wait for a long time, it has finally arrived.

Version 2.12.38

The Whatsapp version 2.12.38 is the beta version for Windows Phone which brings the most wanted voice calling feature to your phones. Unless and until you are in the beta program, you will not be able to download this to enjoy the feature. While it does sound good, there have been numerous complaints from individuals who claim that the Whatsapp uses too much amount of data for a single call, when compared to the other competing apps like Viber and Skype. If you like to keep the data consumption charges low, it is wise to go with some other app until the developers manage to fix the issue and make it more data friendly.

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