WhatsApp Download APK And Free Set-up Guide for Sony SmartWatch 2

Needless to say that WhatsApp is considered one of the most renowned apps out there. If you’re one of those people who love chatting with friends and sending messages constantly, then surely your life would be meaningless without WhatsApp. This well-liked app can now be used on smart watches too. Just a quick reminder to all of you who own a Smart Watch 2: WhatsApp will not work on it unless you connect it to an Android gadget. As soon as the two are linked, the notices can start rolling in.

Set-up WhatsApp for SmartWatch 2

Due to the fact that Sony Smart Watch 2 has Bluetooth, users will be able to link it to other Android gadgets. You can also run a bunch of apps on your Smart Watch. For those interested in using the quick answer element, they must set-up the Quick Reply for their Sony Watch 2. Once the app is downloaded on the Android gizmo, you can answer instantly using your Smart Watch 2.

WhatsApp and its Features:

Everyone who uses WhatsApp has more than one way of communicating with their loved ones. You can send a message, initiate a call, share multimedia files and so on. And let’s not forget about the recently added VoIP feature. You can now call whoever you want via WhatsApp Voice Calling. It can be used on the following handsets: Nokia, Blackberry 10, iOS and last but not least Android.

Due to its tremendous user base, it’s not wonder that WhatsApp has become so popular. Everybody is pleased with these awesome and useful features and they all love the current VoIP services that have been included. But lately, there have been some complaints regarding the annoying echoes and even several delays in the calls. Not to worry though, because somebody out there is paying attention and is working on fixing these problems. So, in the meanwhile download WhatsApp for your Smart Watch 2 and enjoy this experience.

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