WhatsApp Download Available For Windows Phone With MP3 Files

WhatsApp is an application that is evolving with the speed of light. The latest feature that it received is Voice Calling and it was released for Android, BlackBerry 10 and iOS. Currently, the Voice Calling feature is being tested on the latest WhatsApp BETA version.

However, we’ve noticed a new feature on the latest WhatsApp BETA version for Windows Phone! It seems that, now, you can send and receive MP3 files on WhatsApp! This feature has been requested by many WhatsApp users for quite a while and it seems that the developers finally decided to give it a try.

According to Emanuele Mancae, a well known WhatsApp tester for Windows Phone, the latest BETA version of this application allows you save files and MP3 songs. The files are automatically saved to the Pictures folder, but we’re pretty sure that the developers will change the destination to another folder.

We think that once the application will reach the STABLE “form”, you will be able to save MP3 files to a separate folder (probably named “MP3”) and other files such as .doc, .exe etc to another folder (probably named “Files”).

We’re not sure when this new WhatsApp version will get from BETA to STABLE, but hopefully that will happen in the next days. For now, we’re not sure what will be the maximum size that a file will be allowed to have, but the developers should think of allowing files of at least 50MB.

However, until then, we’re pretty sure that the owners of Windows Phones are waiting for the Voice Calling feature to be released on the STABLE version of WhatsApp. We think that the developers are close to ending the BETA test for that feature and they will soon release a STABLE version of WhatsApp that will have Voice Calling.

Do you think that the Voice Calling feature will be brought to WhatsApp for Windows Phone at the same time with the other feature that allows you to send all kinds of files (including MP3?)

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