WhatsApp Download v2.12.108 APK – Free Connectivity Improvements and Bug Fixes

It seems that there are around 1 million people registering to WhatsApp every day and more than 800 million users are satisfied with this application, because they’re logging in daily to chat with their friends who are spread all over the world. The application supports Voice Calls on three important platforms: Android, iOS and BlackBerry and the developers are releasing new versions especially for these three OS, very often. The last beta version for Android is 2.12.108 and the APK file is available for download from the official website.

WhatsApp v2.12.108 was released less than 24 hours ago, and the file has a size of 20.38 MB, being almost identical to v2.12.107 and v2.12.105, while the v2.12.104 is slightly smaller, having a size of 20.37 MB. The latest version, which is in beta, came with bug fixes, connectivity improvements and an updated design. Not many changes were made to this version, because the developers made sure to bring many improvements to previous versions. And you’re already enjoying the subtle and denser outline drawings in the default wallpaper, you got rid of the old Gingerbread icons and when chatting with a contact, you will no longer see the Last Seen status, but the first characters of his/her message are truncated and you can see the date and time when you interacted.

WhatsApp allows you to make Voice Calls, but this feature is still at its infancy and you may encounter glitches, lags, echoes. Luckily, the calls are no longer ending out of the blue, as this was happening weeks ago, even if the internet connection was strong. Many users complained that when they were in the middle of a phone call, they experienced interruptions, so the developers tried to improve the service, to deliver higher quality calls. But, Voice Calls on WhatsApp don’t have a HD quality as on Skype or Viber, and they’re eating a lot of mobile data. If you have a data plan with 500MB, you will consume all the megabytes within 6 hours, and this isn’t very convenient, because you’ll prefer to use your cellular network to place calls to other mobile phone owners. However, you can use your wireless network from your home, and this way, your mobile data will be untouched.

Also, WhatsApp will charge you 0.99 dollars annually, after the trial period of one year ends.

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