WhatsApp First-rate Feature is Adopted by Facebook Messenger

Facebook Lite came out as an Android option that needs less data consumption when you are on a low-scaled network.

Sharing your location and making it known for the general public isn’t that odd for some people. Facebook’s strategy is to implement this great feature to Facebook Messenger. And yes this is not something new, given the fact that WhatsApp has been using it for some time now.

WhatsApp, the IM app was  just bought in 2014 by Facebook. The former has already allowed its devotees to share all kinds of different things, including the location.

After it added the payment feature back in the month of March, Facebook is not stopping here and wishes to give Messenger even more power. For those of you, who might be skeptical about this, don’t be. Even if in your head you think this is another strategy for Facebook to keep an eye on you, it’s not. This is because sharing your location will be arbitrary. Whenever you wish to let people know about your whereabouts, simply click on the “more” symbol or the location knob (bottom of the screen) and this should pop up some other options.

This will help others know where you are and see what kind of new and fun places you are visiting. It might also motivate people to try out some of your most visited places such as shops, restaurants and so on. And if you don’t wish for such info to be made known, simply don’t use it and that’s that.

Facebook also announced some new Android features once the Facebook Lite will be set in motion. This means that it will consume a lot less data when the network connection is sluggish.  Facebook Lite is a step forward towards flourishing markets. The latter will be released in Asia and then in Latin American followed by Africa and only then Europe.

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