WhatsApp for PC: Bluestacks or Windroy?

While WhatsApp now has a web version it does not fully work without having the phone on which it was installed. Basically there is no official way to run the full app on PC but there are workarounds. Bluestacks and Windroy allow users to run Android apps on their PC. Both programs work as emulators but which one comes on top of the other?

Features Comparison

Windroy and Bluestacks serve the same purpose but have a few differences that set them apart such. The Android experience looks different in both apps but Windroy falls behind due to the difficult way of handling apps. Users need to manually install the apps as it does not have support for Google Play. Bluestacks on the other hand lets the user browse the store and install apps with a single click. Bluestacks also supports synchronization between the PC and an Android smartphone using Google accounts. Windroy on the other hand does not support synchronization between a mobile device and the PC.

Performance Comparison

The version of Android supported can influence the performance of these two apps. While the download page of both programs does not contain any information about the Android version they are using, Bluestacks is usually ahead and offers a slightly better experience. Also one of the biggest concerns is support for audio. Windroy does not support any kind of sound playback which can be a big problem when running games. Bluestacks on the other hand does support audio playback but there are some bugs such as lag or sound is played with a delay or not played at all. Usually a restart tends to fix most problems.

Application Compatibility

Bluestacks comes ahead yet again. Because it has support for the Google Play Store even if it is not in its native form, app support is better. Windroy has problems running basic apps such as Angry Bird which returns an error. The problems that Windroy has when it comes to apps is linked to its complete separation from the Google ecosystem such as accounts, Play Store support, app installation and OS optimization. Bluestacks manages to overcome most of these problems but that does not mean it can run every single app in the Play Store. It still has its own problems but getting back to the topic of this article, Bluestacks has no problems running WhatsApp

And The Winner Is…

Bluestacks comes ahead and manages to beat Windroy at everything. It is faster, supports more apps and it has a lot of features. The lack of features and the frequent app problems makes Windroy a rather bad experience. It is still uncertain if it can run WhatsApp properly. Bluestacks on the other hand runs the application without any issues. However audio files cannot be recorded and as expected pictures cannot sent unless they are saved on the local drive. Furthermore WhatsApp does need the user to have his phone around when installing the app on Bluestacks in order to activate the software. The regular SMS verification workflow can be followed and once done, WhatsApp will be able to be used on a PC without the need of having it running on the phone as well.

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