Whatsapp Free Download – Version 2.12.87 Brings More Material Design Changes and Improvements

Google recently released Android 5.0 Lollipop to a wide range of devices and ever since this launch took place, every other app in the Play Store has been rolling out multiple updates including the popular Whatsapp messaging service.

The Facebook owned company has been undergoing constant changes in the recent past and the biggest of them all is the ability to make voice calls using it. It is not only the under the hood changes, but the newest versions have also adopted the material design in every corner. The newest version of Whatsapp is 2.12.87 for Android, with which the developers seem to have finally completed the transition and make the app look completely material with layered approach to every aspect of the user interface.

Material Design in Calling Screen

If you have already downloaded the latest version of Whatsapp, you would have noticed that the screen that pops up when you make a call doesn’t reflect the material design. It has now been modified to match the overall look of the app and also make it look more like Lollipop. The entire calling screen now looks exceptionally clean with only the necessary elements left on it.

The middle area of the call screen has the profile picture of the person you are calling, while the base has a big arrow with the call accept and decline button on top of it. The name of the caller or the one you are calling is now displayed in a bigger size, making it easier to know when you receive a call. The background has been changed to green and the arrows are animated for a more pleasant experience.

Updated Chat Background

The chat background window in Whatsapp has been changed. At first look, it is very similar to the existing design, but if you look closely, you will find that the design look overhauled with brighter colors and prominent buttons. The material design transition is complete now with this version for Android devices.

While there are plenty more changes in the app, you may have to spend more time to identify them all. The ideal goal of the developers is to provide you a cleaner, intuitive interface which allows you to make calls, text messages or send files in a convenient environment. The design is better and Whatsapp has definitely come a long way since its inception. The only problem in the design is that the call button should be moved away from the attachments as it often leads to accidental hits.

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