WhatsApp Free Voice Call – Fresh Update for Blackberry 10 and iOS Users

The tough era we live in has forced the economy to implement a few tight cost controls. This strategy, unfortunately has its flaws and the development of applications, could actually come in handy in managing these kinds of costs. People worldwide are constantly on the lookout for these types of variants and apps that will help them cut back on their expenses. There are major apps that are overflowing the communication area and there isn’t one single app out there that hasn’t come out with a voice call addition.

And the funny thing about this is that one of the stellar IM apps has been really tardy concerning the implementation of this voice call element. We are referring to WhatsApp here. Plenty of WhatsApp devotees have been grumbling that the voice call feature has been long overdue for them. And when it finally came out, it was a complete mess in terms of performance, to say the least. The voice call feature of the app was first available for Android users, followed by Blackberry and then iOS devotees.

The truth of the matter is that this new voice call is still a newbie element and the servers cannot handle the amount of requests that it receives.

The quality of the voice calls is also crummy and the users are complaining about serious delays and all kinds of strange echoes. So, those who interact are not pleased with its overall performance.

The Blackberry 10 operating system has also been facing some issues with WhatsApp and its voice call feature. Blackberry users have been grumbling about message setbacks as well as the fact that the double tick icons cannot be seen. But help is on the way, because apparently a new upgrade launch is trying to fix just this.

Those operating on iOS devices have the same kind of issues with the famous call feature. The quality is not remarkable and users can only hear what the other one is saying, minutes later. But, the newest WhatsApp version dubbed v2.14.896 is meant to solve this issue.

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