WhatsApp Material Design Download – New Update and Features

WhatsApp Material Design newsflash: WhatsApp Material Design was released in the month of April and currently this app rolls out a brand new upgrade, which you will all love.

WhatsApp Material Design Update & Features

This cool application can now be accessed by users. You will love the hues, because they are a lot more eye-catching, the UI is neater and all of the symbols have been perfected, not to mention that the overall experience is quite a thrill.

The send message alternative that existed before has been now replaced with a round style one. The button you use for recording can be now found near the message box. The background hue is also pretty cool as well.

As far as the emoji’s are concerned, you won’t be seeing a lot of changes here, however they are currently in a grayish hue and not a black one. Moving on to the attachment symbol… if you click on it while you are talking to someone, you will notice a list of variants that will appear. These are: Gallery, Photos, Video, Audio and Location. These small icons have all changed shades from the previous black one to a grey color.

You will also notice a green line in the taskbar where all of your Call, Chats as well as Contacts are listed. So say farewell to the same old and tiresome green hue. You can also see some improvements to the taskbar that has the WhatsApp symbol incorporated (see left side). Take a look at the search bar, where you usually form your text messages and the little dots situated on the right to see some other neat changes. The taskbar has been enlarged allowing you to see the full size of your message.

The notifications that pop up on your handset when it is turned off, have also been submitted to some modifications, especially in the answer choice as well as the contact photo that you look at. This is clearly one of the biggest changes in terms of optical overhaul that has been implemented by WhatsApp. So feel free to set it up directly from the Play Store or go to the official WhatsApp page and install it now.

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