WhatsApp Messenger 2.12.114 APK – Download The Latest Stable Version For Android

If you’ve installed WhatsApp a while ago, but you’ve forgot to update it, then we suggest you to head to the official website, from where you’ll download the 2.12.114 APK for your Android smartphone. The new beta version can’t be found on the Google Play store and the file has a size of 20.39MB, which is increased by 4KB compared to the previous version and has ten modified files.

WhatsApp Messenger can be installed on smartphones running on six important platforms and if you have an Android device, it must run on version 2.3 or later. This application was released in 2009, but it didn’t have all the current features, which were added on the way. In November was introduced the controversial Read Receipts feature which allowed the users to know if their contacts have read their messages, but after receiving a wave of complaints, the developers decided to give their users the option to disable it. Also, in February arrived the voice calling feature with many problems: echoes, lags and random interruptions, but lately, there were fewer complaints about this service, which means that the developers have improved it.

For a short period, the Android users were able to backup their chats on Google Drive, and we’re still waiting to have this feature again. As for the video calling feature, it’s wrapped in a mystery, but we’re assuming that the team of developers are secretly working on it and will test it in the upcoming months, first time on the Android platform.

This new version doesn’t have important changes, only minor bug fixes and better quality voice calls. On one of the older versions, the calling interface was improved, as the developers gave up on the green background containing the name of the caller and replaced the vibrant red background for End Calls with a different shade, more pinkish. However, the data consumption is very high when making voice calls, and according to a test performed by AndroidPit a month ago has revealed that the application uses 1.3Mb of data/minute, meaning that 500Mb of data would vanish in only 6 hours when making a phone call.

Overall, the application is extremely useful, being free in its first year, then an annual feel of 0.99 dollars will be applied.

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